These are the Games we play on the show

    - Which Came First - the Chicken or the Egg?

          I hope you know the semi-chronological order of what and who happened in the bible.

              - Example: Who came first - Moses or Yeshua?

               - Example: What came first - The flood or the tower of babel?

    - Messioke

          We will play part of a Messianic Song and you finish it

    - Which Torah Portion?

          We will name 3 Torah Portions and an event in the bible - you tell us what Torah portion that event comes from

              - Example: Which Torah portion did they cross the Red Sea in?

    - Which book of the bible did this come from?

          - Example: Can you tell me which book of the bible Yeshua talked to the woman at the well?

    - If I were President

          - Example: If you were inaugerated as President of the USA today, what would be the first thing you would do? (No wrong answer)

    - What’s the Diff

          - Example: This is a game where Sandi likes to make men look bad. Stay away from this game men! Sandi will actually call your wife                ahead of time to let her know you are playing this game!

    - BibleGories - takes 5 people

          - Example: 2 teams with 2 players per team. The 5th person places a list of people or places in the Skype text and 1 person from 1                team has to make his teammate say the person or place name.

    - Torah or not Torah -

          - Example: 1 statement from the first five books of the bible. All the contestants have to say whether it is in Torah or not in Torah

    - International holidays

          - Example: Information is read about an international holiday. The contestants has to say the holiday name exactly.

StoryTime - Also we will play 'StoryTime'. You, along with the others on the show will come up with 2 nouns, 2 verbs and 2 names (about denominations if you can). I will then make up a story using these items. When I’m done then you will have to name the names.

- Stump Mark

- Freedom of thought

- StoryTime

- Did God really say?

- Neat Freak

- History trivia question?

o Who happened today in history?

o What new biblical character will happen in the future?

o What happened this past week in history?

o What new biblical event will happen in the future?

- The Yo Yo Mark and Dandi Sandi Show

- Messianic / Pick a Category

- Which Came First – the Chicken or the Egg?

- Messioke

- Which Torah Portion?

- Which book of the bible did this come from?

- If I were President

- What’s the Diff?

- BibleGories - takes 5 players

- Torah or not Torah -

- International holidays

- Finish this (many ways to play)

- The least I can do

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