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Larry Norman wrote a song in 1976 titled U.F.O. In the song were the words, ‘If there’s life on other planets then I’m sure that He must know and He’s been there once already and has died to save their soles.’ These lyrics were profound back in the days of ‘hunting for souls’ as we used to call our evangelical ramblings. Many of Larry’s lyrics stayed right along side of the many scriptures I memorized ‘back in the day!’

Now fast forward to November of 2016 and I’m trying to find a ‘shock and awe’ title for my new show coming up in January. A title that not only fits my personality and will grab your attention. For days all I can think of is Larry’s album, ‘Only Visiting This Planet.’ This is the one with the song U.F.O. on it. There is no song called ‘Only Visiting This Planet’, only the album name. The scriptures started flying, the lyrics started flying, I was flying! One thing leads to another.

January 1, 2017 marked the first show of ‘Only Visiting This Planet’ on LAMB Radio. I had emailed several people about hosting with me. Only one took the challenge permanently - Mrs. Sandi Craig! Yes, the one and only. Historical records were made by the 150th show. At least I think so.

July 30, 2017, four new hosts took the reigns and the name was changed to ‘Let Us Reason Together’ to protect the innocent. Monday through Wednesday was covered and I took Thursday. Three weeks later Sandi was hosting the Thursday show with three other women and we had another first on LAMB Radio.

Of course I had to endure all the whining and crying and gripping because I had created a monster no one wanted to shoot! The only way I could calm everybody down was to promise them that I would do the show again someday.

Someday is here! Friday, January 5, 2018 and every Friday after till the end of time.

Show Format:

Intro: NASA Rocket Launch Countdown excerpt from the song Major Tom by William Shatner

            & an excerpt from Frankenstein by The Edgar Winter Group

Outro: An excerpt from Frankenstein by The Edgar Winter Group

Interactive / You can:

Call in - 828-919-9100 (not much explanation here - we think you know how to dial)

Chat in - LAMBChat  (click at the top of each page on LAMB Radio - make a nickname and join the chat)

Write in - Facebook (we check it from time to time - you might get your post read on the show)

Who wants to play our games with us? We need game players!

    - Call in

     - Play in the Chat Room

    - Play on Facebook

    - Be on the show - give us your name and we’ll bring you in to play

Some of the stuff we’ll talk about:

    - Weekly Theme Topic

    - Music

    - The Uneventful Lives of Mark & Sandi

    - The Yo Yo Mark and Dandi Sandi Show

    - Story Time

    - My favorite website from Messianic Directory.com

         - Pick a Category - Pick a site

    - Who happened today in history? This past week?

    - Who will happen in the future today in perpetuity?

    - What happened today in history? This past week?

    - What will happen in the future today in perpetuity?

Possible Show Topics for future discussion:

- Blind Faith

- Religions

- Names

- Take for granted

- Holidays

- Competition

- Town in US that match biblical names – why

- Take time to enjoy life

- Work ethics

- Road Etiquette

- Life

- Death

- Music

- Travel vs stay at home

- Vacations

- Why we act one way around one person and different around another

- Levels of Sin

- Some people are more important than others

- Giving to get blessed

- Secular songs about God

o Oh Well – Fleetwood Mac

o My god, Hymn 43, Wind Up – Jethro Tull

- Denominations

- Share Faith with boldness

- Used by god

- Store up treasures in Heaven

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The show is ‘Re-Broadcast’ every:
Sunday at 5 PM / Tuesday at 1 AM / Thursday at 5 PM