Mark David Smith:

I’m the one with the hair.

I did some stuff too.

Sandi Craig:

Ministers the Word in power; teaching Yahweh’s people to understand the truth of who they are in Yeshua, bringing them  to an understanding of the whole Word of God.

She wants to equip the Bride of Yeshua to be a “pure and spotless” bride as she teaches the Torah.

She is passionate about seeking the presence of God in worship, and desires to see  people’s lives changed through the power of the Word of YHWH and the glory of His presence.

After attending Oral Roberts  University she came back to the Amarillo area where she grew up.  

Pastor Sandi has ministered in music for over 30 years, and has been preaching and teaching as well as leading worship, for over 25 years in churches large and small as well as retreats and camps, etc.  

She writes music, skits and plays, and choreographs dances as part of worship.  

She wants to use these as well as the Word to get beyond the walls of the church, small-groups, and fellowships to reach those who otherwise might not hear the message of Yeshua and the Torah.   

She loves white water rafting, hiking, gardening, cooking, music and spending time with friends and family.

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